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Music Productions

We have worked with many of K-Pop, C-Pop and J-Pop artists such as WANNA ONE, JUS2 (GOT7 UNIT), AOA, NINE PERCENT, Rocket Girls 101 (火箭少女101), R1SE and AWAKEN-F. We are actively collaborating with major kpop labels such as JYP Ent, SM Ent, CJ E&M, and Chinese company TENCENT (China).

In addition, we produce music contents in various areas such as TV drama theme songs,

background music, game, commercial and many more.

Music Publishing

We actively support our global network of talent (Songwriter/Producer) and catalogue partners. Number K Company uses its direct and extensive registration network, collecting the maximum amount of publishing royalties on your behalf. We also have strong network in China and help you to get royalties from Chinese music platform companies.

Music distribution

Number K provides quality music distribution services to independent artists and record labels around the world. We have strong network in Asia, and you’ll get your music to all major players like Melon, Genie, QQ music, NetEase, KKbox, Spotify, iTunes and more without paying any fees.

Artist development

With years of know-how in Music entertainment business, We help new artists or current artists navigate the music business and formulate music marketing strategies to take it to the next level. Our program provides new artists with opportunities to be a great artists before making their debut and we have full facilities including recording studio for them to be ready. We have made global artists who made successful career back in their local through this system.

[ Global Partner ]

[ Global Partner ]


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회사명 : NUMBER K COMPANY (넘버케이컴퍼니)  |  대표자명 : 이소연 (Soyeun Lee)  |  사업자등록번호 : 855-29-00624

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